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The Original Creators and Designers of The Tall Lid and "Mini-Me" Push Up Pop Containers!

Today, Feb 8, 2013, Laguna Wholesale would like to thank all her customers for putting their trust in her. This trust helps our company grow and empowers us to give back to you, our customer, by innovating new products that benefit you in ways you can't even imagine. We are happy to present to you a new chapter in our story that begins here.

If you google push-up pop containers you will also see our video there.

Introducing, a new and improved version of  the phenomenal push-up-pop containers . Meet the new, "Me" & "Mini-Me" push pop containers!

 The Original Push Up Pop containers plus a 1 in. tall lid: "Me" push up pop containers

 The Original Push Up Pop containers fun-sized plus a 1 in. tall lid"Mini-Me" push up pop containersps

We created the tall lids with your best interest in mind. After many suggestions and feedback from our customers, we have found a simple solution for those of you who like to indulge in the final moments of preparing and garnishing a delicious and artful push pop.

P.S - The tall lids concept and design by Monique Moussan and Rhonda Giarraffa.

Not long after, the idea of the "Mini-Me" push up pop containers "push-popped" into our heads! And  so the "Mini-Me" was born. In just one bite, you can dive into the yummy goodness of your original recipes with the advantage of a smaller serving size. It is esentially a fun-sized push up pops which has many great benefits for you especially for your catering and sampling events. It is also fantastic for any and all social gatherings.

P.S - Our "Mini-Me's" are the first and the original design by Monique Moussan.

As you know, you can fill the push pop containers with virtually anything! Cake, cupcakes, icecream, etc.

Features & Benefits:

 Clear, high durability, and food grade plastic so you can freeze, wash and reuse.

 The tall lids push up pop containers are to create a taller enhacement that gives a touch of originality and class to your buffets , exceptional events and any celebration.

 The "Mini-Me" push pop containers is about half the size of the "Me" push up pop containers with an added benefit of a smaller serving size for your enjoyment. 

Learn how to assemble the push up pop containers ang click here for some of our recipes.

You can read more about desserts here at wikipedia.

This February 2014, we improved the stick and base by making them “screw in” instead of “pushing in” for your best benefit. We would like to ensure you that they are the same professional quality, same capacity, same 1 in. tall top flat lid as well as same great price. The only difference is the stick and base are screw in style. Read more...


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