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Chocolate Molds



Laguna Wholesale is your destination and your way to explore the wonderful wide world of chocolate molds to create a beautiful, delicious, memorable gourmet chocolate indulgences. And they are made just for you!

You will discover a fantastic variety for your business to satisfy cravings and the varying tastes of chocolate lovers.



Chocolate Molds - Polycarbonate

Our polyarbonate chocolate molds line has been serving to increase the passion of many by turning their love into profitable venture by offering a high productivity and unique design chocolate molds and bar chocolate molds as well as lollipop chocolate molds for those people who understand the importance of the chocolate appearance.

We offer a high productivity chocolate mold as well as a variety of chocolate decoration equipment that can help you inspire your creativity. In one single chocolate mold, you can make a large quantities of chocolate.

Chocolate Molds - 3D Magnetic

The magnetic 3D are made of polycarbonate. The base and and the lid are both outfitted with magnets so it can be joined in a very strong way and give the form of the 3D chocolate.

Chocolate Molds - Stencils

You can use our silicone and acrylic chocolate stencil molds to create chocolate decorations on the top of cake or cupcake...in every occasion. You will find a big variety of shapes and design to match your occasion from the round shape the most popular to the heart shape as well as a small banners that they can fit on any of your dessert creations.

If you think you have what it takes to be successful in this field, then you should think about Laguna Wholesale as your home chocolate molds supplier.


Life is sweet :)



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